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A Brief History of

Farmington and its Bank

The term "individual independence" has been associated with and intertwined with Farmington and its development since before the city was platted in 1834.

A small band of Pottawatomi Indians, tired of continual warring and bloodshed, showed their independence when they left the rest of their tribe and settled in what is now Farmington, opting to find a place where they could live in peace.

The first permanent settlers, the Jonah Marchant family, exemplified independence when they settled among the Indians in a deserted cabin they soon called "home."

The many residents of Farmington who offered their homes as part of the "Underground Railroad" showed independence and commitment to their beliefs and support of individual freedom.

The Italians, Slavs, and Lithuanians, who along with many others came to Farmington in the 1870's to work in the dangerous deep shaft mines, reflected courage and independence in supporting their families during difficult times.

And, while not as dramatic or life-threatening, the spirit of individuality and independence is still evident in the Bank of Farmington, which was chartered in January 1903 after being organized by a small group of investors who recognized the need for a local bank. Descendents of those original investors still have the majority of the stock ownership in the Bank of Farmington, giving true meaning to the term, "independent, locally-owned community bank."

The Bank of Farmington has today evolved into a full service bank, offering our customers virtually everything that a larger regional bank can offer. Even more than that, we offer knowledgeable, efficient, high quality service presented in a sincere and friendly manner. At the Bank of Farmington we know who you are, know you by name, and know and understand your banking needs and concerns.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bank of Farmington is to remain an independent bank, locally-owned and controlled, providing the services needed to our community. We will deliver an excellent product in an efficient manner provided by knowledgeable, capable personnel. We put our customers first, knowing when this is accomplished, the investment of our employees and shareholders shall be maximized.