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Celebrating 3+ Billion Digital Coupons Clipped by Shoppers

Passion + Innovation

YOU Technology is the industry’s largest digital coupon, offer, and specialized content network of choice. In 2007, YOU Technology paved the way for digital coupons by launching the first entirely digital, load-to-card, coupon program that integrated directly with POS. Today, YOU Technology powers a digital coupon, offer and specialized content network that engages more than 24 million users shopping at more than 10,000 retail stores with more than 3 billion digital coupon and offer clips.

Proven Results

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Retail Store Network
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Engaged User Base
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Dollars Saved by Shoppers
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Household Reach
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Redemption Rate
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Platform of Choice

With each clip and shopper engagement, YOU Technology has built a wealth of actionable data and insights. With this knowledge, expertise and tenacious client focus, YOU Technology is committed to win the hearts of shoppers on behalf of its retailers with compelling digital engagements offered at the right place, in the right way, at the right time.

Self-Service Solution
Create, distribute and publish digital coupons and offers with a multi-channel reach
Content Integrity
Fight fraud and ensure quality and performance of digital coupons and engagements
Fully Integrated
Configure to meet system requirements and approval flows
Complex Offer Types
Support points-based, promotional, continuity, BXGY and several more offer types
Predictive Analytics
Take the guesswork out of campaign budgeting with data-driven prediction tools
Real-Time Management
Dynamically monitor and fine-tune coupons, offers and other engagements in real-time
Targeting & Segmentation
Personalize the right coupon to the right shopper with attribution-based optimization
Measure key performance indicators with ad-hoc reporting and analytics
Shopper Care Center
Empower loyalty team with simple-to-use customer service tools

Secure Approach

YOU Technology’s approach to digital coupons and offers doesn’t rely on bar codes or any other external factor that can be copied during the coupon or offer’s lifecycle. Set up in advance and fully integrated with POS, shoppers must present a loyalty card or unique ID at checkout in order to redeem coupons and offers. This truly digital approach fights fraud by eliminating counterfeit coupons and unlawful redemptions, subsequently saving retailers millions of dollars.


Experience that Wins

YOU Technology’s targeting and segmentation engine and program expertise partner with retailers to build the best shopper engagement experience for capturing loyalty. Leveraging market research, shopper behavior and transactional data, YOU Technology equips its retailers with the ability to dynamically respond and engage their shoppers along the entire shopper journey – delighting their shoppers with captivating digital coupons, offers and specialized content, how they want, where they want and when they want them, all in real-time.

Tenacious Focus

YOU Technology’s solutions embrace the philosophy that nothing should stand between a shopper and her retailer. With a self-service, highly customizable digital distribution and publication platform plus effortless integration options, YOU Technology empowers retailers to present the best possible multi-channel shopper engagement experience while preserving a retailer-centric brand presence.


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Since the introduction of our Click2Card coupon program here at Big Y, we have seen increased usage and engagement numbers on our mobile app and customer portal. Our consumers are proving to us that they love digital coupons; we continue to see higher clip rates and redemption numbers with the program. YOU Technology also gives us a platform to deliver private label coupons AND exclusive manufacturer coupons to our consumers, which creates even more excitement when it comes to saving money at Big Y! In the past we had to print our private label coupons and distribute them in-store, now we just direct consumers online!

Garrett Yargeau, Social Media Specialist, Big Y Foods, Inc.

A true and responsive partner, You Technology has provided excellent, 24/7 service during our four-year relationship. Digital coupons have contributed to the growth of our loyalty program and driven Digital Engagement across all of our platforms. In 2015, digital coupon clips more than tripled over the prior year. We expect that positive growth to continue over the next year and we look forward to growing together with You Technology.

Lisa Haley, Manager, Digital Commerce & Innovation, WakeFern Food Corp.

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YOU Technology Reaches 3 Billion Digital Coupon Clips
Marketwired – April 06, 2016

YOU Technology, LLC, the United States’ leading digital coupon provider behind some of the top names in grocery and retail, today announced that shoppers have clipped more than 3 billion unique digital coupons from its network since November 2009. This has saved American families upwards of $600 million through strictly paperless coupons. more

How Is Predictive Analytics Being Used in Grocery?
http://www.shoppertech.org/ – March 26, 2016

What is the number one area that grocers should focus on with predictive analytics? There are many areas for predictive analytics of course but the number one area should be Targeted Promotions and Campaigns. This area would involve the use of predictive analytics to assess — and fine-tune over time — which customer segments are most lucrative, sensitive to promotions and best served in ways that they are driven to shop more and more frequently. more

How to combat coupon fraud
BizReport, Ecommerce – February 29, 2016

Coupons continue to be a strong tool for retailers to use both online and offline, but in the digital space, coupon fraud is becoming a bigger problem. Kristina: How big a problem is coupon fraud? Cheryl Black, CEO of YOU Technology: We often view it as a subtle issue, but it’s a problem that’s costing U.S. retailers and manufacturers hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue each year. more

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It will be worth the initial loss. The Leadership Insider network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in business contribute answers to timely questions about careers and leadership. Today’s answer to the question: What did you learn from your biggest failure? is written by Cheryl Black, CEO of YOU Technology. more

ProfNet Experts Available On Oil Volatility, Retirement Planning, Career Tips And More
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Consumers’ adoption rate for digital devices, especially mobile, is growing and it has impacted their shopping behavior. Because consumers are attached to a digital gadget almost all the time, retailers are enhancing their strategy on how to reach to consumers more effectively (and starting to focus more on digital marketing); hence, consumer packaged goods will eventually shift their budget from free-standing inserts to digital coupon. more

What Is the Forecast for FSI and Digital Offers in 2016?
CPGmatters – January 1, 2016

Digital coupons will become a more integral piece of a retailer’s promotional mix. Because of the security and flexibility that they offer, they will be used to provide the sharpest of price points to loyal consumers. Retailers and CPGs can track (at very granular level) what is happening with digital coupons. They can see how a coupon is viewed, selected, redeemed and shared – where, how and by whom. This is not possible with paper coupons/FSIs. more

Fighting the Fraud: The Paper Coupon Black Hole
Progressive Grocer – December 23, 2015

Imagine a problem so big — yet so subtle — that it’s costing U.S. retailers and manufacturers hundreds of millions of dollars per year. more

Progressive Grocer’s – Top Women in Grocery
Progressive Grocer, Magazine – June 18, 2015

Black oversees all operations, engineering, sales and finance, legal and HR functions of the company, whose systems allow digital coupons to be loaded onto frequent-shopper cards for instore redemption. She managed the transition of YOU Technology from an independently owned company to Kroger ownership, protecting YOU Technology’s other retailer clients’ privacy and confidentiality. more

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile
Mark Heckman Consulting, Commentary – April 24, 2015

During a recent panel discussion* on the topic of digital coupons, I asked Ajay Amlani, General Manager and Founder of You Technology what his three top areas of priority in terms of increasing the efficacy and volume of digital coupons and content in the coming year. His answer, without hesitation was adamantly -Mobile, Mobile and Mobile! more

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YOU Technology: Helping Retailers Provide Digital Coupons to Shoppers
Coupons Daily – November 18, 2014

Known as one of the most successful (if not, the best) digital coupon networks on the Internet, YOU Technology makes the couponing experience quite stress-free for customers and retailers. The company builds a platform for retailers to deliver the right coupons to the right customers at the right time. Instead of hunting down different coupons from sites all over the web and mobile apps, customers are directed to retailer-branded digital locations and can pick through a plethora of coupons for a specific store of their choice, while retailers increase online and in-store purchases.more

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Believe it or not, the produce industry is becoming increasingly embedded within the digital age. It seems like any time I visit my local Safeway, I see people swiping away on their smartphones as they browse the produce aisles, looking up the latest deals as they shop. What is this tech phenomenon? Digital coupons. We’ve come a long way since those flimsy, paper-based coupons, and retailers like Safeway, Kroger, and Meijer are realizing the same thing. more

What Kroger’s Acquisition of Digital Coupouner YOU Technology Means for its Strategy
The Motley Fool – March 14, 2014

After barely letting the ink dry on the completion of its mega merger with Harris Teeter, Kroger (NYSE: KR ) is at it again. The Cincinnati-based grocer struck a deal to acquire YOU Technology Brand Services, a digital-coupon marketing company with thousands of retailers on its platform. The price tag on the deal wasn’t disclosed, but Jeff Talbot, Kroger’s vice president of customer loyalty, took some time to discuss strategy with me. more

Kroger’s Outstanding Performance Is Set to Continue
The Motley Fool – March 12, 2014

Kroger (NYSE: KR ), one of the largest grocery retailers and the biggest supermarket operator in the U.S., has been on a roll, with shares up 17% year to date. The growing demand for organic and natural products and grocery items has led Kroger to jump onto the organic foods bandwagon. Moreover, with the acquisition of Harris Teeter Supermarkets complete, Kroger is set to continue its growth momentum. more


We dedicate

ourselves to building the best products for our retailers to captivate and engage their shoppers with relevant offers delivered how they want, where they want and when they want – replacing paper and saving trees.

We commit

to innovation and best-in-class execution, tenaciously.

We advocate

within and on behalf of our retailer partners, amplifying their strategy.

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